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Last Update: 2nd June 2023

If you are beginner in software development and wanted to start mobile application development. then...

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If you are beginner in software development and wanted to start mobile application development. then you must join this course. In this course you will be learn about step by step programming concepts then you can develop mobile application with flutter. also you can be published your application with Google Play Store. This course prepare for absolute beginners who can start their developer journey after learning this course.


Course Index

  • Introduction
  • Teacher Information
  • Various Types of Mobile Application Development Technologies
  • History of Flutter. Why dart language use in Flutter
  • Dart SDK Setup
  • VS Code Editor Setup for Development
  • Flutter SDK Setup
  • What is Dart Language?
  • Basic Software Development Fundamentals
  • Dart Language Variables and Variables Types
  • Dart Functions Introduction
  • How to Write Optional Parameters and Arguments in the Dart Function
  • Create Anonymous Function and Using Callback function in Dart
  • Lexical Scope In Dart language
  • Dart Operators
  • Introduction of Control Flow Statements
  • How to Use For Loop Statements
  • How to use If Else Statements
  • How to use While and Do While Loops
  • How to use Switch and Case
  • Introduction of Exception
  • How to use Exception in Dart Language
  • Control Flow use Break and Continue
  • Object Oriented Programming Introduction
  • Object Oriented Programming Part 1
  • Realtime Example of OOP Class, Abstraction and Interface and Mixins
  • Generics Programming
  • Library creation and uses
  • Async Programming
  • Stream Data Handling
  • What is Flutter?
  • Flutter Project Structure
  • What is widget?
  • Starting basic design
  • Making Navigation Drawer and end drawer
  • Bottom Navigation bar Design
  • Right Drawer bar design for notifications
  • Home Screen Layout Design
  • Profile Screen Designing
  • PageView and BottomSheet Animation
  • Intro of State Managment
  • Ephemeral state and Widget Split
  • App State Management e commerce application
  • Network Accessing and http package use with Future data
  • Android APK build and Release on playstore

  • What about The Course? And Know Why it is A Spacial Course?

    If you wanted to make your mobile application and get a good job as a mobile application developer. This course will be helping you. In this course you will be learning about top most popular technology for Multiplatform Software developments. But Here, You will learning About Flutter for Mobile Application Development. This Framework Developed and Maintained By Google. Flatter is a Software Development Framework. This (Flutter framework) has primary focus on mobile application developments. Which can run in IOS, and Android Platforms. But After that It give focused on Website Application and Desktop also. So You can be think about This framework can make a hybrid apllication for Multi Platforms application. But It is not. Flutter Makes always a device spacific native software using flutter frameworks. Because this software framework developed by dart language. Dart is Software Programming Language and It also developed by Google. This language has primary focus to makes native application development using one programming language without supporting any third party languages or supports. Using This language you can developed any kind of Software for any platforms. You develop Desktop application for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Using This Language You can makes Website Application, Mobile and Embeded Systems Applications togetther using one programming skills. So Once You may understands the hole concepts. then you can develop any kind of softwares. So you understands,  Why i am making this course, Application development by flutter for you. Once You will be Learning this course then this Knowledges will be helping you always for every platforms apllication.

    What you will be learn from this course? 

    1. Learn Dart Programming language step by step. It will be helping for the begginers.

    2. Flutter for Application Development for mobiles plattforms. Step By Step learning for A Expert Mobile Application Developer.


    No Prior knowledge is not required for this Software Development Learning. But If you have any previous software Development Knowledge then this course will be helping you as a Expert Mobile Application Developers. Otherwise As you are beginner then it will be helping you to grow your technical skills like Software Developers. Also you can makes some Simple Applications after completing this course.


    1. If you have no previous knowledges in Software Programming And Development then This course will be helping you to grow knowledge as a software developer.

    2.  If you have previous knowlede on Software Development then it will be helping you as Expert Mobile Application Developer.

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Price: ₹8000/- ₹650/-