Which IT Jobs is Best for your career options? know about job details and responsibilities
Which IT Jobs is Best for your career options? know about job details and responsibilities
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Welcome to another learning topic. In this topic, you will be know how to start your career in IT Industry. You may already know IT meaning. IT=Information Technologies So literal meaning is Information means data. Technologies used for manage the data. If you wanted to start your career in the IT industry or grow in this industry you must keep updated always yourself. Because data is powerful in the current situation. Data has various formats like text, images, videos, audios etc. Now IT industry work for these data. For this reason, various types of jobs are available now. 

So we know how many types of jobs are available:

Mainly here have two types of are available in this fields,

  1. Technical,
  2. Non-Technical.

1. Technical Jobs is various types. This type of job has to require special skills and knowledge. Which are the special abilities of the candidates. and for these jobs needs so much practice and practical experiences. Its have involving creativity and innovations. So Job roles are

  • Website Designer job role with Skills with Basic Photoshop Layout Designing, HTML5, CSS3, Basic Javascript and Bootstrap for website layout design with codes.
  • Website Developer job role with Skills with Server Side Programming Languages Like PHP, NodeJS, C#, Ruby, Python etc. For serverside development have so many technologies or programming languages are available for the same purpose with some advantages or disadvantages.
  • Fullstack Developer jobs roles require Website Designing and Website Development Skills.
  • Mobile Application Developer job roles require platform-specific software programming skills Like for Android required skills is Java and Kotlin Language Skills and For IOS Objective C or Swift Language otherwise, a mobile application developer must have knowledge of flutter multi-platform supported application development. If any developer comes from frontend skills then they can choose react-native or ionic framework. or NativeScript. 
  • Database Administrator job role requires database-related skills like SQL and NoSQL languages. Data backup and restoration process. Which are very responsible jobs. If the database administrator loses any data they get so many penalties and also lose their jobs.
  • Server Administrator job role requires system-related skills the must have experience on Linux Server Operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS servers. Also, have some advantages if they have knowledge of windows servers also.
  • Data Analysts job role requires ML(Machine Learning) knowledge and experiences. They make data training models input some test data for futures predictions about business growth as well as website or application growth activity tracker and process defining process are making by them. 
  • Software Tester job roles require some technical and programming skills. They understand software qualities and features requirements. Making Features Testing tools for checking the quality and performance of the functionalities.  They also check UI and UX related parts also manually. Likes Colors schemas and Responsiveness, User use cases.
  • Software Engineer / Software Architect job role is the highest job role in Software Manufacturing. They have all kinds of knowledge is required like technical and non-technical also. They understand Software requirements for the business process. And Setup the processes with some questions:
    • How does the Software perform on the system?
    • How to get a better process? 
    • How to optimize the costs? 
    • How to scale the software for the future?
    • What kind of modules are requires in the software?
    • Which Platform and Technology are the best for the software? 
    • etc.

2 Non-Technical jobs have so many different types of jobs roles are available. this type of KPI(Key Performance Index) is target based. This job is performance-based and continues the process. Which does not require so many technical skills its requires consistency. These jobs have also creativities, not any innovation involved with the process. It is mainly a process-oriented job. So jobs roles are:

  1. Graphics Designer job role requires skills are Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. Its have creativity for an eye-catching design developing process. and continue rework on this same process. This job is so much important also less important. If anyone has too much imagination power then they can succeed in this job role otherwise not get success for this role. 
  2. Video Editor or Animator job role is required for current digital presentations. It has some technical skills but it requires a continuous repeated boring process for this role. Sometimes requires some creativity skills but most of the time required following the same process.
  3. Content Writer or Copywriter job role has required research abilities for specific keywords or purposes or products then find out the best words and fonts selection for catching the human thought process and presents the best selling objectives are involving for this job role. It is performance-based if your content gets viral then you are successful in your roles otherwise not.
  4. Search Engine Optimizer job role is a researched skill-based and some HTML meta tag and other fundamental related processes are involved. They have abilities on finding the best places to put the websites links. they must have knowledge of search engines algorithm how the particular search engines works which types content get higher ranks. finding best keywords for promotions. which social media get websites links for traffic generation how much traffics falls in the pages of the website how many times stay on the websites how they moved to generics pages to lead conversion pages or cart and selling pages. This job role is continuous process-based.
  5. The Digital Marketing job role is a big process. where is involving graphics design skills, video editing skills, Copywriter skills and Search Engine Optimizer Skills also Require Data Analyst Skills. It's the very hardest job role. A Digital Marketer needs some technical skills for better success for their jobs. It is one of the high paying job roles. But needs so many skills. And It is performance-based also.  
  6. Management Jobs roles have so many varieties. Here have many departments are available. If you want high paid jobs then you must require risk-taking abilities. These roles are Founders, Co-Founders, CEO, CTO, CFO, General Manager, Manager, Product Manager, Product Leader, HR etc. I do not explain these jobs roles here. Because It is not necessary for this article.

This is the all about for this article. I thought you may understand about jobs roles. If you have any questions or suggestions for this article you can ask me questions in the comment box I will be reply on that. If you this article then it shares with your friends and communities. 

Thank you for the learning.